Friday, September 23, 2005

Recent Tocci Artwork

Tropical foliage

And more tropical foliage

(from our backyard)


Sara said...

I love those kinds of paintings.

I've always wished I could paint well. I'm much better with pencil, charcoal or ink. When I paint it's usually something abstract.

CagedRabbit said...

My husband is an artist too. And I am (mostly) happy about paying the bills while he does what he does. He works in cobbled leather (nailed, not stitched) - used to make sandals, bags, belts. A couple of years ago he started making vases and other "objects" - really beautiful. I put together a website (it's very 1995) - in a bit of disarray at the moment -

Love the paintings - I'm a flower freak. I love art but can't produce it.

Karen said...

Hey, cr, thank you for sharing. I enjoyed seeing the website. My home computer has terrible visual definition, so I'll be sure to go back to your site when I'm at work to see the leatherwork more clearly. It seems very unusual and beautiful.

It looks like your guy travels a lot--finding the shows and deciding which ones to work is a big job, isn't it?

CagedRabbit said...

Thanks, Karen. His work is unusual - so unusual that people don't seem to know what to do with it. I think that's true for any sculptural type work - people have a hard time visualizing where it would go. Some of his pieces are fairly large, so they require a big space...He did travel a lot this summer, but will probably stick closer to home next year. Yikes, especially with gas prices going through the roof.

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