Monday, April 17, 2006

Peace One Day

Peace One Day is a video by a young man named Jeremy Gilley. Gilley wanted to do something for world peace, so he created a job for himself so he could work full-time for peace. He conceived the idea of a world-wide Day of Peace, when there would be a cease-fire that would cover the entire planet. And then he went to work, organizing, persuading, teaching--and documenting the process on film.

He created an organization, called "Peace One Day." They worked through the United Nations. The UN already had a World Peace Day, but it was not on the same day every year. Gilley wanted to put it on the calendar in a permanent way. It took a lot of effort just to do that, but he finally got Costa Rica and the UK to co-sponsor an amendment to the original resolution. Once that resolution was passed, there was one final World Peace Day that would fall on a day other than September 21. Ironically, that day was September 11, 2001. Now, that could either be considered a very bad omen for Peace One Day's efforts or a sign that this organization is sorely needed in our violent, war-torn world.

Gilley stepped up his efforts, and today there is a world-wide network of peace workers, putting together a myriad of activities to commemorated Peace One Day every year on September 21. Unfortunately, this spirit, wonderful as it is, hasn't "trickled up" to the Presidents, the Generals, even the Ambassadors--even though the members of the UN all gave their approval, many world leaders gave verbal support, and Nobel Peace Prize winners including the Dalai Lama gave their strongest possible endorsement.

So, no cease-fire yet. But it's not a failure. It's a beginning. Here's the website; check it out.

Peace to all.

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