Sunday, December 31, 2006

A good time to call it quits

I started this blog in September 2005. It was mostly a reaction to the reality of my daughter's first semester in college. After so many years of having her uppermost in my thoughts and thinking of every experience in terms of how she might benefit from it, I realized that she was going to be away, having her own experiences that didn't have much to do with me, and that whatever wisdom I might be able to impart to her, in the future it would be better to just make it available and let her take it or leave it. The blog was perfect for that. It became something slightly different after a while, and I felt that it was helping me improve my writing skills--at least the practice couldn't hurt.

After a year and a half, I have adjusted pretty well to the college thing. When "the baby" comes home during summer/winter vacations we enjoy each other's company, and when she's away she does an excellent job of taking care of herself.

One of my resolutions for 2007 is to use the internet more as a means of keeping up with my real life friends and relations, and less as a way to cultivate imaginary friends or communicate with strangers.

This year, if I have a book to recommend I will recommend it directly to the people I think would be interested. Or post it to the Achenblog, where no comment is ever really "off-topic." I know you didn't think I was planning to quit the Achenblog!

In the end, I think I have discovered that I don't really crave international readership or public access at all. Being chosen as Time Magazine's Person of the Year only made me feel creepy, not honored. It's a huge part of my self-image to believe that I'm not like other people, that I'm a mutant, a freak, a pretender (with only a sneaking suspicion, well-suppressed, that other people also believe that about themselves). I prefer not to be part of any herd movement, and if everybody has a blog now, it's time for me to sign off.

Note: the movement for world peace, that is a herd that I will always run with, no matter how large it might get. So far it's still a minority position so I haven't had to make any exceptions for it. But I'm ready to be part of the majority, when most people decide that they'd like to stop killing each other.

I won't delete Read-Think-Live but it will be mostly dormant until further notice.

Happy New Year to all!!

Feel free to email me anytime: kbertocci(at)


Anonymous said...

Say it ain't so! I enjoy your posts so much - hope you'll continue to blog when you feel like it.


Anonymous said...

mostlylurking, I appreciate your appreciation; you have no idea how much.

Why don't you email me and we'll be penpals?


Anonymous said...


Thanks for leaving an easy access to the kit and kaboodle. However, if you do ever post more readthinklive's, it will be seen and read first.

Looking forward to an email now-and-then.


Anonymous said...

LEO, you are in the "friends and relations" group who are ostensibly going to benefit from the demise of the blog. We'll see how it works out.


Anonymous said...

mutant-freak yes, pretender no. and you are not alone, at least 90% of boodlers are mutant-freaks (I think it's the remaining 10% that are the pretenders, but I won't name names).

do let us know on the boodle whenever you do blog something again.

Anonymous said...

oops, that 1:49 was me: omni.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, omni. I'll see you around, cyberspacewise.