Friday, December 16, 2005

Achenblog is Broken

No Achenblog on a Friday? I can only hope it will be repaired soon.


Sara said...

I was just coming to ask you the same question! All the newest kits are gone and it's back to the Giant Bird Flu story. Glad to know it's not just my computer.

Karen said...

It's just too hard to monitor all the blogs to see if anybody is "gathering" there. Plus all there is to talk about is how bummed out we are that Joel is inaccessible. But I will see ya around, somewhere...

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to get the AchenShakes!

Apparently it's a TypePad problem, i.e., we can't blame Hal the Schemer -- this time. From TypePad's Web site:

Current Issues with TypePad

During routine maintenance of our network and storage systems last night, we experienced an issue with our primary disk system where data from published blogs are stored. We are currently running diagnostics on the device, and working to restore your data as soon as possible. Verifying data can be a slow process and will take time.

[Slow process! Will take time!}

In the meantime we are currently deploying backup copies of your weblogs from approximately 2 days ago. This is what will be displayed for your blog. The TypePad application is currently unavailable, which means that users will not be able to log in, and visitors to weblogs will not be able to post comments. We are working to bring TypePad back online as soon as possible.

[2 days ago? I think not.]

[This will go down in the annals as an Achentragedy.]


Karen said...

My feeling is, even though we understand this is a Typepad problem, we should complain to the Washington Post and directly to Hal the Schemer. I nominate you, Achenfan. Tell 'em the kaboodle sent you! Joel told us Hal's last name recently, but I am too demoralized to look back in the archives to find it. At least, word will get back to Joel that people were missing him.

Read/Think/Live said...

Whew, it's fixed. Life can go on, now.