Monday, December 05, 2005

Bah, Humbug

I want the "irritating office" award for the week because I am within 10 feet of BOTH a singing/dancing Santa AND a performing snowman. And have just been informed that a second snowman will be joining the mix tomorrow.

My best friend in the office said she bought one of those things for her neighbor, who has brain damage from a stroke, and "he loves it." She can handle the truth so I told her my opinion that the performing holiday characters, along with the singing fish and so on, were perfectly suited to that audience: people with severe brain damage. She laughed, and then she hit me, and then she emailed me a PowerPoint presentation called "Things that make you go AWWWW" (cute animal photos...)


Sara said...

Haha! I hate those e-mails. I especially get mad at those super sappy Christian e-mails (don't get me wrong, I'm Christian, I'm all for it, but the e-mails with the flashing crosses and the Precious Moments pictures are too much) with all the cute things said in them and then at the end it basically says you're heartless and incapable of love if you don't send it on to 15 people.

I'm kind of partial to one holiday performing creation. On top of my tree I have a stuffed abominable snowman (Bumbles is his name) from that classic Rudolph cartoon. When you push his foot his hands move up and down and he roars at you.

Anonymous said...

I *hate* those singing/dancing Santas! They just look so smug. Yeah, I can't understand how anyone who *doesn't* suffer from brain damage could enjoy them. Bah.

(If I had one of those things near ME in the office, I think I'd be tempted to "send it on vacation," or something.)


CagedRabbit said...

My sympathies. You must be really sick of me and my panda talk (sorry). Office noises are so irritating - which is why headphones are a necessity. I wish they had "cones of silence"!

aka mostlylurking