Monday, January 09, 2006

Look, Up in the Sky...

When I arrive at the building where I work, I am mild-mannered Clark Kent: glasses, blue jeans, sneakers, no makeup. I go into the downstairs bathroom and when I emerge, voila, Superman: power suit, high heels, makeup, contact lenses, name badge, I'm good to go. The people in the office upstairs never even know the alter ego, bicycle woman. But now I have a question, after carrying my "gym bag" in and out of the building for six months or so. When Superman came out of the phone booth, where was his suit? His glasses? Did he just leave them behind and buy new ones every time? I can't believe that until I went through this myself, I never thought of it.

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yellojkt said...

I think Supes has a super hidden pocket under his cape that he just crushes the clothes into. Flash had a ring to hide his uniform in and he changed at superspeed so no one can see him, but I have now idea what happened to his street clothes.

I am such a dork.

And what sort of riding do you do? I need to get back on this spring.