Thursday, January 19, 2006

Practice Makes Perfect

Today I spent some time thinking about why I'm writing on this website every day. I decided it it the perfect combination of obscurity and accountability because

1) I can be pretty sure that almost nobody will read what I write, and so I don't have to be self-conscious or worry about creating a world-wide scandal; and at the same time,

2) Anybody in the universe could read it on a given day. Hundreds of people have been provided with the link, including some people who know me and whose opinion I value, and so I'm motivated to keep the quality at a reasonably high level, and not to be lazy about posting.

I hope that the more I write, the easier it will be to put my thoughts into words, and to remember the fleeting ideas that pass through my head every day, to capture them occasionally and get them into paragraph form.


Anonymous said...

So, I am blogging again, or so it appears by my latest course of action... ie updating.

And I will come and comment on your blog more, too. Maybe it will inspire me to write, too.


..I just noticed my initials were AA. When I get blog t-shirts, they're gonna say "AA: Alice Anonymous."

Karen said...

That's great--all of it. You're the star of the next post, so stop by and tell us all what the name of the painting is, and anything else you want to share.