Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday Night--Woo Hoo

Twelve days without power. The FPL website says November 15--that's 11 more days so if that's right we're only halfway through it. The website says 210,000 customers are still in the dark in Broward County. This afternoon I came home on Fereral Highway instead of Dixie so I could stop at Target. Federal has no bike lanes, so I was glad to have my helmet. I walked into Target and went upstairs to the camping equipment department. The shelves where the stoves would be were clean and bare. I thought, I should have asked downstairs and saved myself the trip--but I feel stupid asking, like, of course we don't have that, of course we're sold out--don't you know nobody has that now! But I also felt stupid for not asking, I wasted my time. I bought some candles.

I got home around 5 and took the car to the supermarket. I bought matches and ice and yogurt and canned food. I didn't get home until almost six, and it was getting dark, and it's scary to be driving without street lights or traffic signals after dark. I heated soup with candles and then I heated water to wash my hair and bathe. I'm nice and clean now. It's 7:30 so I have time to read before "Fresh Air" comes on at 8.


Anonymous said...

"But I also felt stupid for not asking, I wasted my time."

Correcting your grammar feels so wrong on so many levels. But this just can't be right, right? Maybe "But not only did I feel stupid.... I also" There were a few typos in earlier entries, too, but nothing too bad. One that was kind of funny, I forget where it was but it wrongly started with a W.


Anonymous said...

No, I was wrong, it's right after all XD See, that's what I get.