Saturday, November 05, 2005

Saturday: Usable Daylight

My stove mission for the weekend has ended--I didn't find any camping stoves for sale. I did find (but didn't buy) a regular gas stove for $45.00 at the local discount store. That made me think: when this is over, I should replace my old electric stovetop--it doesn't work very well anyway--with a gas one. I'll have a better stove and it will work all the time, not just when the electricity is on.

The houses across the street from us have power now. It can't be much longer for us, right?!

I took my bike in to the shop this morning--it needs bearing in the back wheel--and then walked to Supercuts and to the library and home--I guess it's about four miles. I saw a lot of hurricane damage and took some pictures. My profound thought ws that Hurricane Wilma is something like a death in the family for all of us. The storm is over, the sky is blue, you wake up in the morning expecting to have your old life back, but there are reminders everywhere, obstacles, setbacks; there is so much work involved in the recovery, and the damage affects every aspect of life. I find myself wondering why I feel tired or depressed or cranky, and then, I remember.

But eventually, I'll be able to give up this hunter-gatherer existence ("Fire! Must make fire!") and return to the Life of the Mind. Looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, at the library I got two nice, easy books: A Long Way Down, by Nick Hornby, and The Jane Austen Book Club, by Karen Joy Fowler. I'm more than halfway through the Hornby book--I may finish it before I go to sleep. No "Fresh Air" tonight, and I think I missed "This American Life." but I did hear an NPR gem today: someone has written a musical based on Strunk & White's Elements of Style--and they perfomed it in the reading room of the New York Public Library. I don't have a single real-life friend who would be delighted by that--but several in the Achenblog SAO-15 would smile. I remember when we first discovered the grammar-nerd slant to the kaboodle--it's heartily encouraged by Joel, himself quite the language maven. ("distaff," "meatspace," "infelicitous," "quiescent"..."jeepers")

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Anonymous said...

"Fire! Must make fire!"

Haha, cute. You know what techno music is good for? Listening to while you read. The lyrics are totally ignorable because they are so dumb, and the beat kind of goes on in the background like a soundtrack to your life. It's easy to do one thing for a longer time when you're listening to techno.