Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Lovely Fort Lauderdale Library

I spent the afternoon in the Fort Lauderdale library, doing some research that involved looking up articles that were published in the Keys section of the Miami Herald between 1982 and 1986. I started in the microfilm room but that went nowhere, and I wandered over to the reference desk to inquire. I was making friends with the reference librarian there, and he was explaining how to use the internet database to find, print and email articles, when one of his co-workers came up to him and said, "Do you want to go to lunch, I can take over here" (it was 12:20). So the first guy said, okay, and I made a joke about passing the baton, don't drop it, or something, and he said, maybe this could be an Olympic event and we were all impressed by our humor--the theme is very Pythonesque, actually, and does have some potential. At any rate, the new guy continued showing me how to look up the articles. Using the library computers, I was able to accomplish more in two hours than I would have been able to do in six months in the microfilm room. I really love the internet. And the Fort Lauderdale library is truly a wonderful environment.


Anonymous said...

The Ft. Lauderdale library I used, up to the late 60s, was on Sunrise Blvd., on that same large parcel of land than cornered on U.S.1 and was the location of War Memorial Auditorium and Parker Playhouse. The photographs - other than the stacks and panorama of glass - don't seem to suggest the same place. But an old friend on the library board was partly responsible for the Sunrise Blvd building and, I suspect, may have also been involved in this building . This is nostalgic - I spent many hours at that library, but the memory of the traffic congestion at my last visit - about 15 years ago, tempers that nostalgia. -Shiloh

Anonymous said...

WOW, I did some research and the new-to-me Main Library at 100 S. Andrews is an eye dazzler. I can't tell what side of the street it's on, but in that same block, most of a lifetime ago, was the Broward National Bank building which housed the laws offices of McCune, Hiassen, Crum and Ferris - that's Carl's dad - and in the same vicinity, on a side road in the block with old Duffy's Tavern, was where Carl and friends had a storefront "retreat." - what memories -Shiloh

yellojkt said...

That's a great looking library. When I visited Seattle our hotel was one block from their huge new library. Unfortuneatley, it closed before I could go in and look around.