Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Quoting Emerson

I'm consoling myself with R.W. Emerson this morning: "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."

Because I have posted every day since January 1, but last night I was too busy, and then too tired and too uninspired, so I didn't get anything online.

I could have done two entries today and dated one for yesterday, but I decided not to. I don't need to get obsessive about this cyberproject. On the contrary. It needs to fit into the spaces in my life, not displace any more important activities.

Happy Valentine's Day.


yellojkt said...

I have never tried to post every day. I think three good post a week (or 2 good ones and 2 half-assed ones) is plenty.

Anonymous said...

Emerson is a favorite source of insight and I quote him with some frequency. My second wife was an editor of a 10 volume work on Emerson when she was at Wellsley. He was frequently invoked in our discussions. The only way I could win an argument was by reading and remembering those insights and inserting them appropriately. -Shiloh

Anonymous said...

On Blogging: Twice I have tried to maintain a Blog, with no success. I can never remember or find my notes on how they were created and how to access them. The two, if I recall correctly, are titled WA and Shiloh. I can only access them by searching for WA from within another blog and then linking to the Shiloh connection within the WA profile. I give up easily when the pursuit is not intellectual and the mechanics frustrate me. And, strangely, can work on building a thing like a house, yet cannot build a blog. -Shiloh