Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Sunday

Gosh, I would watch the Super Bowl, but...

--I've got to read this book, Wicked, because I've got three other books on my list that I need to get to next
--I have to write my blog
--I have to do laundry
--Got to wash my hair tonight
--Don't have television
--Don't like commercials
--Don't know anything about professional football
--Don't like the Rolling Stones
--It's All-Beatles Weekend on my oldies station (Now playing: "Penny Lane")
--Can't help thinking football encourages violence
--I'm sick of the commercialization of entertainment
--I'll probably be in bed by 8:45
--I do not care who wins

...but otherwise, I would be watching the Super Bowl right now.


TBG said...

I am watching the Super Bowl, but I am also...

--Surfing the Internet
--Fixing dinner
--IM'ing with my daughter's friend in Panama
--Picking up the house because the cleaning people are coming tomorrow
--Doing laundry
--Missing my mom who was the biggest sports fanatic anywhere
--Wishing the Redskins were in the Big Game
--Deciding to root for the Steelers not only because we visited Pittsburgh recently but probably because they appear to be on the way to winning (yeah.. I guess I'm like that)

yellojkt said...

My wife spent the first half working on grade sheets. One year we went to a Super Bowl party and she borrowed the hosts' computer to work on a term paper. That was due in March.

Anonymous said...

Post-mortem: I watched only the last quarter and was pleased the Steelers won. But that's only because the late John Heinz (R), Fox Chapel, PA was the hero of the hospice movement.

Like the coliseum in ancient Rome, football is a form of mass release of natural aggression. I'd rather they draw blood vicariously, than in more direct ways. Football keeps the roused rabble from revolting.