Monday, May 08, 2006

Artist Alice Comes Home

Today marks the start of the Off-Season for ReadThinkLive. The original motivation was that our daughter, who had been the recipient of my wisdom daily for eighteen years, finally escaped my immediate vicinity and went off to college. I figured I would miss reading her passages from whatever I ran across that I thought she needed to know, or sharing my thoughts with her or giving her lectures about morals and values or whatever. So the blog would be an outlet for me and also a way for her to tune in at her convenience and find out what Mom was thinking about on any given day.

But tonight Artist Alice is coming home for the summer. The phone has already begun to ring with eager suitors. I had forgotten about that ringing phone; it's been peaceful these last months.

So for the forseeable future, I'll post when I have some burning issue to rant over or when I've read something that inspires me, but not every day.

Now, I must go clean the living room.


TBG said...


You must be happy to have her home. I keep trying to remember that my boy will be gone in a year and a half.

So... enjoy! Fix her favorite dinner. Talk about her favorite books. And tell her to go out and get a summer job!


yellojkt said...

Sounds great that she will be home for the summer. Get her a blog and make it a bonding moment.

Karen said...

It is good to have her back--I have to use my skills to ask the right questions in order to hear the salient details of the year at college. I shoulda gone to CIA training for debriefing, then maybe I'd have a chance.

Meanwhile, the official Turning Over of the Cat ceremony has taken place--No more litterbox duty! No more feeding, watering, cuddling, babysitting--the cat is all hers for the summer.

And she gets this week off, and this weekend in Key West, and after that it's time to get in gear and get to work. A 9-5 job is so much less demanding than full-time art college--it's really a vacation with pay.

CagedRabbit said...

I saw my son last Sunday in San Francisco. We spent a lot of time waiting for busses and roaming around seeing the sights - spent more time with him than I have for years, really. And I pried a few pertinent details out of him in the process. I definitely could use better interrogation skills. This will be the first Mother's Day I won't see him (hope he remembers to call or email!).

kb, I hope you find time to blog - you come up with the most interesting subjects! Give Artist Alice a hug from the boodlers.

Sara said...

Enjoy having her home, Karen. I remember how relaxing it always was to go home for the summers. This summer the time for me to go home came and went and I didn't even long for it, though. It didn't even really cross my mind that I usually went home at that time. I just moved into my new apartment that Jeremy and I will be sharing and it felt perfect. I figure that's a sign that I'm perfectly content where I am and with Jeremy. It's a nice feeling.