Sunday, May 28, 2006

Tropic Magazine

The Miami Herald used to have a Sunday magazine, like the New York Times has. The Herald's magazine was called Tropic. Tropic launched some illustrious careers and provided many happy hours of intellectual stimulation for south Florida readers. The Herald stopped publishing Tropic in 1998, and I miss it. I found out that I could get the articles in digital format from the Broward County Library, so I started spending time at the library going through the files. I enjoyed reading the stories and I kept thinking I'd like to share them with other people. I emailed some, and then I emailed some more, and eventually I had the idea to construct a website. That turned into a project that I worked on in my spare time for several months, and now the site is set up and on line, and this is its official opening.

My totally unofficial Tropic fansite:

I hope you enjoy it.


yellojkt said...

Great site. Looks really nice. Now I have another place to waste too much time.

Pixel said...

Thanks, Karen! I remember the Tropic with great fondness. When I was stationed in Homestead, more often than not, I worked on Sunday. Between Dave Barry and the crossword, I was entertained for hours.

Chez said...

I sent a much longer-winded comment to your Tropicfan site, but I really can't thank you enough for reminding me of the astonishing brilliance of Tropic. It's one of my favorite memories of growing up in Miami, and one I tend to share with anyone who'll listen -- particularly those who now know Miami as little more than a location for shooting really crappy movies with exploding cars and hip-hop soundtracks. Miss Achenbach (and still read him in the Post); Miss Shine; Miss the Hunt; Miss Weingarten and Shroder. Miss Tropic... period. Thanks.

brooker said...

Well I supposed I enjoyed your website on the now de-funked Tropic....Went through
each line and even word with such good and even horrible memories......What I couldn't
really understand or even belive is the amazing art that appeared in Tropic every
sunday......And yes dare I say the award winning art direction...Well I suppose
you know the tropic hunt props and illustrations and photography didnt just appear
out of thin air..Well sometimes it did..Well enogh said..Good work and well done
for even bothering...

yours whatever.. Philip brooker
Art director of tropic magazine for 15 years.......kisses

chasm said...

I linked &got a GoDaddy page that said 5/25/2012 domain awaiting renewel.
Hope you do.
The Herald began their downhill with Tropic's demise. It was a jewel.
(Like Stephen's Talkhouse
=TOO good for MIami?)
anybody got a copy to share/post me on the Nothern Exposure tv series original writer who won his David/Golieth lawsuit on theintellectual property theft of his original treatment? post poetdom at yah wh00.