Friday, October 28, 2005

Back to Work, Friday

I rode my bike to work today--left at 7:00, which is later than I would normally leave, but it's the time of first light. No traffic lights, so all the intersections are four-way stops, a little tricky for a bicycle among cars. But the traffic was pretty light. When I got to the last intersection, the lights were working and when I got to work, everything was powered up--I turned on my computer happily. I was able to get some work done, avert a couple of crises, and catch up on reading the Achenblog. I couldn't quite get to the point of caring a lot about what is going on in Washington, or even what everybody is reading this week or writing in their respective blogs. The apathy is a result of being disconnected all week and the feeling that nobody outside of Florida cares about what is happening here. We have our own situation and we have to deal with it ourselves. That's okay, but dealing with the destruction and lack of conveniences here takes up most of our energy so we (I) can't get worked up over whether Scooter Libby did or did not lie when he was or was not under oath. Give me time, I'll come back to it.

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