Sunday, October 09, 2005

Blood Donation

I guess these people thought sticking a large needle into your arm wouldn't be scary enough--they had to add clowns to the situation.

I donated blood on Friday. I'm happy to report that my employer provided a clown-free environment for the transaction.

That I was allowed to donate at all is good news. The last five attempts I made resulted in rejection on the grounds of insufficient hemoglobin. It was always a borderline situation. I'm not anemic. The phlebotomist told me, "You have enough iron for yourself, but not enough to share." But this time, the blood dropped right to the bottom of the liquid in the test tube. I'm giving credit to Kellogg's Special K Red Berries, which I have been eating nearly every single day for the past four months.

My main motivation for donating blood is so I can brag about my blood pressure: 90/52. All right, it's no big deal, but since I'm not going to win any beauty contests or athletic competitions, allow me my pathetic little vanities. My cholesterol is low, too, but this time they didn't test for it. I have to go back to the other county next time (The county where I live, they test for cholesterol. The county where I work, apparently not.)

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Sara said...

Haha! Wow, the clowns.

Don't you just love Special K Red Berries? It's probably the best cereal around, tied with Cheerios.

Congrats on the blood pressure, too. Yours is lower than mine. High blood pressure runs in my family, but I'm hoping I'll be a lucky one and stay where I am. I rather like being healthy.