Monday, October 17, 2005

Lunch Ramblings

My patron saint of the lunch break is T.M. Shine. In his Timeline column, he habitually writes, "12:07 p.m. Went to lunch. Ate alone." And he brings his lunch from home, usually, and eats by the river in Ft. Lauderdale. He also gave me this valuable tip: If you're going to stretch your lunch hour, it's much wiser to leave early than to come back late. People don't usually notice if you leave early.

Now, once a week when I take my walk at lunchtime, I pass by the City Link dispenser and I stop, take out the paper (it's free) and read Shine's Timeline column. Then I put the paper back and continue my walk. Alone.


Sara said...

I'm eating lunch alone today. I actually prefer solo lunches because I'm generally a pretty private person. I like my "Sara Time" and sometimes lunch time is the only time I can have it.

I always eat healthier when I go to lunch solo, too. No pressure from a second party to go to a place that only has burgers and salads that are even worse than the burgers.

yellojkt said...

I love being out of the office because I can pick up the City Paper (Baltimore's Most _____ Free Alternative Weekly) and reading it alone. I keep a magazine in the car in case there's no City Paper to read.

Sara said...

Who is Corndoggerel? It appears that he/she is an Achenblogger, but which one I do not know.

Karen said...

"Corndog" was an early commenter on the A-blog, and he has a good blog. He hasn't commented much lately. I really admire the name of his blog: "corndoggerel" is so multifaceted--and it's cute that he calls his wife FunnelCake.