Saturday, October 29, 2005

Life Goes On--Miami Herald Resumes Delivery

The newspaper was delivered today!!

The weather was clear, but a little windy. Stange how ominous a breeze can feel--a little breath of air that would have been innocuous a week ago, now seems potentially dangerous.

My solar cooker is continuing to improve. It still hasn't cooked anything, but I heated two batches of water today, one for "bathing" this morning and one for washing my hair this afternoon. Tomorrow if it is sunny all day, I'll have a shot at really heating something up.

Today I made earrings, inspired by the discovery of 100 or so little gold gift boxes that Tocci had decided to throw or give away. I said, why don't you put jewelry in them and sell them? He said (grumbled) "I don't have money for jewelry." but we do have findings and beads--glass beads and semiprecious beads--and today I have something unusual: TIME. So I made about three dozen earrings. It was fun. Now it's getting dark so I have to stop.

Reading: more about Harold Pinter. He was a conscientious objector in Enland at age 17 (just after the end of WWII) Just because, he said, "I smelled a rat." Not on strictly "pacifist" or "religious" grounds--more, I'd say, on "artistic" grounds--in the sense that an artist's first duty is to serve the truth.

This afternoon I rode my bike to Sears, Lowe's and KMart. All three appeared to be under full power. There were batteries for sale, but no clothespins. Also, solar lights, meant for the yard--they charge all day and give off light all night--but they aren't very bright and prices start at $35. I'm doing okay with candles, and we're looking for an oil lamp. I'll try to order one from the internet Monday.


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