Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Day at the Fort Lauderdale Library

I set out this morning to go to Fort Lauderdale and check out some books by and about Harold Pinter. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature this week, and I know next to nothing about him--I saw some movies, The French Lieutenant's Woman, Wit, but don't have much idea of why he was awarded the Nobel Prize.

The library was pretty empty, just enough other people there to keep it from seeming eerily deserted. The design of the building is attractive and has won architectural awards; I always enjoy my time there. It's thrilling going to the fourth floor where the plays are because of the architecture--the middle of the building is an atrium and the stairs sort of hang in space so by the time you get to the fourth floor you are looking down 40 feet or so. I am also gripping the handrail at that point, and thinking that my willingness to take these stairs proves indisputably how much I dislike elevators.

I found the Pinter books with no problem, and on the way I picked up a couple of movies, an audiobook, and an assortment of books to browse before I left. I read through most of Dave Barry is From Venus and Mars--I was laughing out loud, trying not to be disruptive, kind of holding it in, but it sneaks up on you--he is really funny.

Then there was a book called Laura Ingalls Wilder Country that had pictures from the locations of the "Little House" books. That always makes me cry; I love those books so much. Laura was a real person, very strong and willing to live a simple life--actually believing that the self-sufficient life near nature is the best, that she wouldn't want to be anything other than a "farmer." And I believe her, too--she had the best life anybody can have on this Earth.

After that, I read one episode from a book of "Fawlty Towers" scripts, and looked at the pictures, so I was laughing again.

After that whole emotional roller coaster, I walked Las Olas Boulevard, looked at the boutiques and art galleries, and grabbed a toasted turkey sandwich at Quizno's--and then it was time to head home. A very pleasant Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

Are you getting out more that I'm gone? Just curious. Over the last few years I've still needed some stuff, but not as much - no ballet classes or anything. But it seems like there might be some kind of psychological freedom associated with me being out of the house. Hm, hm, it's good.