Sunday, October 23, 2005

Thank you, Carl Hiaasen

Carl Hiassen has the definitive snakes-in-Florida article in today's Miami Herald. Carl's columns are always amusing, but more than that, they are shocking. I turn the pages of the Herald and it's: news, news, celebrity gossip, news, news, TRUTH, news--double take, go back, what's this TRUTH doing in a family newspaper?? Oh, that's Carl. Somehow he gets away with it. When the politicians are acting like idiots, Carl writes, "These politicians are acting like idiots." And then he proves it, so it's not libel, just the TRUTH.

I had the idea of doing the research and writing a summary of snake incidents, and I've been saving the current articles in a file. But Hiaasen has saved me the trouble--he's been keeping track for a lot longer. Thanks, Carl, I'll just take the day off.


CagedRabbit said...

Aaaack! You convinced me - I ain't never coming to Florida! As I posted on the Achenblog (as mostlylurking) I am scared to death of snakes. My sister says when I was a baby, a snake crawled across my toe and my mother freaked out, hence the phobia. I grew up playing in the woods and fields where there were copperheads and rattlesnakes, but I never saw any, alive at least. When we lived near Front Royal, VA, we went hiking in the Blue Ridge. Once I heard a loud buzzing noise - it was a park ranger carrying an angry rattler that had been in the parking lot. Yuk!

I do see the occasional garter snake here. Thank goodness for cold weather.

Karen said...


I want to forward your comment to Carl--he'll be so happy!

But seriously, I have lived in Florida for 25 years and have never seen one of these big snakes.

My brother lives in Oklahoma. A snake killed one of their dogs. They shot the snake, and hung the snakeskin over the fireplace as a trophy. Florida is not like that.

yellojkt said...

It's the little snakes that scare me. I saw coral snakes a couple of times while doing yard work as a teena ger in Florida. Pythons you can see and run away from. You don't always notice the little brightly colored ones until you almost step on them.

Jeremy said...

I think the whole pythons vs. gators story is just plain bizarre. I remember reading a quote of some fish and wildlife service guy, saying something along the lines of, "Yep, didn't think those snakes would have a chance, but looks like they're gonna give those gators a run for their money."

Now, it's obvious that the snakes look at the gators as a tasty meal, but are the gators chomping on the snakes? (Apologies if it's in the article--haven't read it yet).

p.s. -- are you evacuated, Karen?

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