Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hurricanes! Snakes! Avian Flu! The End Is Near!

A big hurricane (Wilma) is headed for us, but it could turn or decrease in power.

Large tropical snakes--Burmese pythons, boa constrictors, and so on--are being captured in South Florida at the rate of two or three a week. (It's the ones that aren't captured that you have to worry about.)

The avian flu is in the news--surely if there is an outbreak it will happen in Florida first.

Overall, I guess I'm more concerned with the Shoot First law that the NRA passed through the Florida legislature that says you are free to shoot someone if you feel "threatened" by him.

We all have to take everything one day at a time--heck, one moment at a time. I don't worry about any of these things. I'm just glad to be here.

It's been a hard week at work--I'm on my third 11.5 hour day and I'm starting to feel the strain. Tomorrow will be the last of it and then I'll be back to my more normal life.

I'm very happy about my Tom Robbins cd that arrived yesterday (Wild Ducks Flying Backwards). At the end of a hard day, I put the headphones on, lay down in bed and smiled and laughed for the last 15 minutes of the day's waking existence--then, pleasant dreams...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Tom Robbins title.

I am having it rough too, I have been sick since Saturday. One thing after another, in sucession. Bad headaches/dizzy. Stopped, and I got a bad sore throat. Stopped, and I started coughing a lot. Stopped, and I got congestion. Now I am stuffy AND coughing, and I have to stay up late to finish a project. Only 2 people left in Ceramics. Oh boy.


Sara said...

I've been wondering about that "shoot first" law. I can't see how that got passed. As a short person, I could conceivably feel threatened by anyone taller than me. That doesn't mean it's okay for me to shoot everyone over 5'2". I know this is an extreme example, but it gets my point across.

yellojkt said...

My favorite Tom Robbins book is Still Life With Woodpecker. I have not kept up with his more recent stuff. Books on CD would be great for that. I better check to see if my library has some.

Karen said...

Still Life is great, and Jitterbug Perfume is really great, but I think my favorite is Skinny Legs and All.

Jitterbug Perfume is Robbins' Sirens of Titan, but Skinny Legs and All is his Slaughterhouse Five.

(That's just for you, yellojkt. What I think I mean is that a given author's most important work may not be the most amusing or enjoyable book he wrote, but if you were only going to read ONE book by the author, it should be the masterwork.)

Robbins reads his own works on the Wild Ducks Flying Backwards cd and I was surprised to hear how southern his accent is. I thought he was from the northwest, but I guess he moved there after he learned to talk.